Japanese English Chinese
Winters Chapel Kindergarten & Learning Center
helps raise bilingual children in Atlanta,Ga.

We are a multicultural kindergarten that educates children in both Japanese and English.

We have classes for 6 month - 3 years olds with English instruction by an American and Japanese instruction by a Japanese teacher.

Pre-K class for 4 years olds which is taught entirely in English.

Open 7:30 am - 6:30 pm

1) 1 - 2 years old class
2) 2 - 3 years old class
3) 3 - 4 years old class
4) Georgia Pre-Kindergarten class
GA Pre-K class was created by former GA Governor Zell Miller in 1994. 4-5 years old children are learning by using wonderful curriculum such as High Scope,Creative curriculum.Tuition is free.
5) After School Program (1-12 years old) 3:30pm - 6:15pm
6) Summer School Program

Our lunch is home cooking and hand-made by good cooks.
Material of food is purchased every morning. Really fresh!!

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